Vision and Action 2021

UPDATE 15 January 2021 – Currently a major focus is frontline support for teams involved in anti-poaching and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. Training and equipment provided by WildTiger, more details at #AntiSnare.

As we move into Vision and Action 2021, our way forward after an incredibly challenging 2020, you can get an understanding of what we do by going into the menu or the links below outlining our 3 main working models.

#AntiSnare – Our counter poaching/trafficking platform including wildlife crime case follow up.

Living with Big Cats – Coexistence strategies and support as well as our Early Learners Education Program now called Earth Protectors as part of Vision and Action 2021.

Ecosystem Reboot – Big Cat rehabilitation including soft release strategy.

2020 was a year of great challenges, we send our best wishes to everyone in what is a difficult time for all and our sincere thanks to those who have helped WildTiger in the last few months. Covid-19 has meant adjustments within our framework but our commitment remains absolute, constantly evolving as we move forward. The circumstances have meant new approaches being adopted and we will bring you these as we continue our work what looks to be another challenging year in 2021. For now please go through the menu to understand our work as we continue our updates at this site with a view to Vision and Action 2021.

We thank those who support our work at this critical time. To assist or to inquire please email in the first instance. The full website will be republished once the situation stabilizes but our work on the ground has been streamlined and intensified in response to the situation. Project updates for 2021 are mainly at the Twitter site @WildTigerNews which also carries general news of big cat and other wildlife issues throughout the Asia – Pacific region.

WildTiger is a private sector organization currently registered in Australia (ABN 13817104075)