Caspian Tiger

Status:  Extinct

Scientific Name:  Panthera tigris virgata

Also known as:  Hyrcanian tiger, Mazandaran tiger, Turanian tiger, Persian tiger

Range:  Central Asiatic Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Habitat: Lowland forests, river and lake basins where there was a healthy prey base of mainly deer and

Facts & Thoughts:
Often referred to as a smaller version of the Amur tiger, the Caspian tiger represents one of the truly
disastrous episodes of animal-human conflict.   The Caspian was declared a pest in many parts of its
range in the early 20th century as large land reclamations took place and was subsequently
slaughtered.  It is generally recognized the last Caspian tiger died in the 1960s but there have been
unconfirmed sightings right through into the 90s.  In 2010, Russia exchanged 2 captive Amur Tigers for
Persian Leopards with the Iran Government, in an  agreement on restocking these animals back into the
wild within the next 5 years. As there has been no successful rewilding of tigers anywhere thus far there
is doubt about this project succeeding.